Welcome to the Industry-Academia Partnership

The Industry-Academia Partnership (IAP) is an association that fosters R&D and innovation by bringing together industry and university partners in pursuit of timely themes in applications and infrastructure, including, AI and machine learning, hardware acceleration, operating systems, networking, Big Data, security, storage and data management - all in the context of distributed systems – from mammoth data centers to tiny IoT devices on the
edge of the cloud.

Cutting edge collaborative projects are underway in all aspects of cloud computing. For examples, please see Projects.

The IAP also hosts workshops open to students on university campuses with presentations by experts from academia and industry, and student poster sessions. These are convenient venues for researchers to get together and discuss their work and spark new ideas and activities.

The IAP Board of Advisors includes:

  • Professor Krste Asanović, UC Berkeley,
  • Professor David Brooks, Harvard University,
  • Professor Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford University,
  • Professor Arvind Krishnamurthy, University of Washington,
  • Professor José Martínez, Cornell University,
  • Professor Onur Mutlu, CMU and ETH Zurich,
  • Professor Daniel Sanchez, MIT.

For post-event summaries and photos of previous Workshops, including testimonials by several attendees, please see Events. Remarks by Professor Christos Kozyrakis at a recent Stanford IAP Workshop, regarding the value of IAP participation is here.

Our News page has recent research results in the press, as well as copies of our quarterly Newsletter, which highlights significant technical publications and presentations at major academic conferences.