MIT Cloud Workshop - 2018

The IAP MIT Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted April 20, 2018 at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT in Cambridge, MA.

MIT Cloud Workshop best poster
The Best Poster Award is accepted by Mark Jeffrey, a PhD student in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT. Mark's fellow student collaborators flank him with their advisor Prof. Daniel Sanchez (far right of photo). Dr. Rajiv Dahwan, Samsung is at far left in the photo.

Platinum Sponsors of the UT Cloud Workshop

          Cavium Semiconductor Solutions and Server Innovation   

There were several technical presentations during the day by professors, students and industry scientists and engineers. Companies attending included AKIMAI, CAVIUM, CISCO, DELL/EMC, INTEL, LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE, NVIDIA, SAMSUNG, TWO SIGMA, VMWARE and XILINX.  Boston University, Cornell University, ETH Zurich, Harvard, MIT and Northeastern University were also represented on the agenda. Research posters were presented by grad students from BU and MIT.


The speakers and presentation titles are listed below. The agenda, abstracts, and bios are posted on the agenda page.

  • Dr. George Apostol, Samsung, “Data Center Demands for Autonomous Vehicle Development”
  • Elliot Delaye, Xilinx, “Integrating AI into Accelerated Cloud Applications”
  • Prof. Christina Delimitrou, Cornell University, “Using Big Data to Navigate the Increasing Complexity of the Cloud”
  • Prof. Joel Emer, MIT and Nvidia, “Dissecting Spectre and Meltdown”
  • Dr. Sam Fineberg, Akimai, “Cloud Architectural Concepts”
  • Prof. Nate Foster, Cornell University, “Verifying Network Data Planes”
  • Prof. Song Han, MIT, “Bandwidth-Efficient Deep Learning: Compression, Acceleration and Meta-learning”
  • Fredrik Kjolstad, MIT, “The Tensor Algebra Compiler”
  • Prof. Tim Kraska, MIT, “The End of Slow Networks: It's Time for a Redesign”
  • Prof. Orran Krieger, Boston University, Peter Desnoyers, Northeastern University, and Scott Yockel, Harvard, “Research in an Open Cloud Exchange”
  • Matt Perron, MIT, “Choosing and Configuring Your Analytics Database in the Cloud”
  • Prof. Mothy Roscoe, ETH Zurich, “Enzian: A Research Computer”
  • Prof. Daniel Sanchez, MIT, “Making Parallelism Pervasive with the Swarm Architecture”
  • Dr. Jason Zebchuk, Cavium, “ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications”

Workshop Organizers include Professor Daniel Sanchez and Dr. Jim Ballingall, IAP Executive Director.

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
                    Prof. Daniel Sanchez, MIT                                               Dr. Jason Zebchuk, Cavium

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
            Prof. Christina Delimitrou, Cornell                                         Prof. Joel Emer, Nvidia and MIT

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
                             Dr. George Apostol, Vice President Data Center Solutions, Samsung

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
             Dr. Sam Fineberg, Akimai, uses a whiteboard to describe cloud architectural concepts.

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
                                           Student Poster Session at mid-day in the Stata Center.

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications
            Several of the attendees posed for a group photo at the Reception at the end of the day.