Stanford-UCSC Cloud Workshop - 2018

The Stanford-UCSC Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted on Tuesday December 11, 2018 on the UC Santa Cruz Si Valley campus in Santa Clara, CA.

MIT Cloud Workshop best poster
Prof. Ethan Miller, UC Santa Cruz, presents "Rethinking the Operating System Stack for Byte-Addressable Non-Volatile Memories"

Platinum Sponsors of the Stanford-UCSC Cloud Workshop

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MIT Cloud Workshop best poster
Prof. Christos Kozyrakis (left) and Prof. Heiner Litz welcome attendees at the 8:30am kick-off

There were several technical presentations during the day by professors, students and industry scientists and engineers. Companies attending included AMAZON WEB SERVICES, ARM, BROADCOM, CIENA, CISCO, IBM, INTEL, MARVELL, MICRON, MICROSOFT, NVIDIA, SAMSUNG, SEAGATE, SK HYNIX, TOSHIBA, VMWARE, WESTERN DIGITAL, and XILINX.  Universities attending included Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and U Washington. Research posters were presented by grad students from UC Berkeley, Stanford and UCSC.  

The speakers and presentation titles are listed below (alphabetical order). The agenda, abstracts, and bios are posted on the agenda page.

  • Kishore Atreya, Marvell, “Scaling Storage Efficiently for Composable Infrastructure Environments”
  • Sam Bayliss and Ralph Wittig, Xilinx, “Xilinx 7nm Versal Family with AI Engine Processing Fabric”
  • Rob Currie, UCSC, “Cross Border Lambdas in Pediatric, Hereditary and Consumer Genomics”
  • Elton de Souza, IBM, “Farm to Table Supply Chain Provenance on IBM LinuxONE: Blockchain, Analytics, Databases, Security”
  • Ana Klimovic, Stanford, “Pocket: Elastic Ephemeral Storage for Serverless Analytics” 
  • Arvind Krishnamurthy, U of Washington, “Programming the Data Plane”
  • Heiner Litz, UCSC, “Making Storage Programmable with OpenChannel SSDs”
  • Pankaj Mehra, Samsung, “Introducing Samsung SmartSSD: From Devices to Subsystems”
  • Ethan Miller UCSC, “Rethinking the Operating System Stack for Byte-Addressable Non-Volatile Memories”
  • Fazil Osman, Broadcom, “Learnings on Datacenter Disaggregation from Stingray SoC”
  • Michael Papamichael, Microsoft, “Catapult and Brainwave: Powering a Configurable Intelligent Cloud”
  • Jose Renau, UCSC, “Live Hardware Development at UCSC”
  • Allen Samuels, Western Digital, “RISC-V and Memory Centric Computing”
  • Muhammad Shahbaz, Stanford, “Elmo: Source-Routed Multicast for Cloud Services”
  • Gabriel Southern, Intel, "Accelerating Cloud Applications with Intel Xeon CPUs and FPGAs"
  • Oksana Tkachuk, Amazon Web Services, “Automated Reasoning about Security of Amazon Web Services”
  • Keith Winstein, Stanford, "Tiny Functions for Codecs, Protocols, Compilation, and (maybe) Soon Everything."

Comments from the 2018 Stanford Workshop Attendees

“As a starting point, I think of these IAP workshops as ‘Hot Chips meets ISCA’, i.e., an intersection of industry’s newest solutions in hardware (Hot Chips) with academic research in computer architecture (ISCA); but more so, these workshops additionally cover new subsystems and applications, and in a smaller venue where it is easy to discuss ideas and cross-cutting approaches with colleagues.” – Professor Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford

"The IAP workshops represent extremely valuable events for all attendees including industry members, students and faculty. On my side, multiple project collaborations and student internships have evolved from these meetings leading to a win-win-win situation for all participants. Professor Heiner Litz, UC Santa Cruz

I have attended three IAP workshops and I am consistently impressed by the quality of the talks and the breadth of the topics covered. These workshops bring top-tier industry and academia together to discuss cutting-edge research challenges. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and get inspiration for new research opportunities." – Ana Klimovic, PhD student, Stanford

“This was my first IAP workshop as an attendee as well as a speaker. It was a great event and a great opportunity to network with attendees from both Academia and Industry.  The caliber of the attendees was impressive. So were the presentations and posters. This is a great event to encourage more cooperation between industry and academia. I will be back next year.” – Fazil Osman, Distinguished Engineer, Broadcom

This was a very nice workshop, with a heavily interactive poster session. I got great feedback on my work, and was able to have interesting discussions with many folks about theirs.– Daniel Bittman, PhD student, UC Santa Cruz

“The IAP workshop was well worth the time spent, with high quality topics explored at a good depth, as well as an excellent candidate pool for internships. I will definitely come again.” – Shay Gal-On, Principal Engineer, Marvell


"IAP workshops provide a valuable chance to explore emerging research topics with a focused group of participants, and without all the time/effort of a full-scale conference. Instead of rushing from talk to talk, you can slow down and dive deep into a few topics with experts in the field." - Nathan Pemberton, PhD student, UC Berkeley

Scenes from the Poster Session at the 2018 Stanford-UCSC Workshop

ThunderX2 for Cloud and HPC Applications

The Poster Session was held from 10:30AM-1PM, including the Lightning Round for students to present a brief verbal overview of their work to the entire audience.  Above Stanford PhD student Tushar Swarmy describes his work to attendees. Tushar is advised by Prof. Kunle Olukotun.


Daniel Bittman, a UCSC PhD student describes his research to Workshop attendees. Daniel is advised by Professor Ethan Miller and Professor Darrell Long.

Stanford PhD student Ana Klimovic receives the Best Poster Award from Prof. Heiner Litz and Rich Clewitt (Samsung) for her work “Pocket: Elastic Ephemeral Storage for Serverless Analytics”.

Several of the attendees posed for a group photo at the Reception at the end of the day.