University of Texas Cloud Workshop - 2017

The IAP University of Texas Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted on Friday November 10, 2017 on the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex.

DNA-based Archival Storage
Professor Derek Chiou, UT ECE, and Microsoft Partner Architect, kicks off the day at 8:30 am with his presentation "Soft Logic in a Data Center".

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There were several technical presentations during the day by professors, students and industry scientists and engineers. Companies presenting included AWARENAAS, CAVIUM, FACEBOOK, INTEL, MICROSOFT, and WESTERN DIGITAL.  Cornell University and the Texas Advanced Computing Center were also represented on the agenda. Several research posters were presented by grad students from UT.


The speakers and presentation titles are listed below. The agenda, abstracts, and bios are posted on the agenda page

  • Vijay Chidambaram, UT, "PebblesDB: Building Key-Value Stores using Fragmented Log-Structured Merge Trees"
  • Derek Chiou, UT and Microsoft, "Soft Logic in a Data Center"
  • Mattan Erez, UT, "Quality of Service Techniques for Mixed-Latency Workloads"
  • Cyril Guyot, Western Digital Research, "Low-latency software architecture for distributed shared memory"
  • Prof. Lizy Kurian John, UT, "Computing In-Situ and In-Transit"
  • Rick Kessler, Cavium, "ThunderX2 in HPC"
  • Pankaj Mehra, AwarenaaS, "Data-Centric Computer Architecture"
  • Simon Peter, UT, "Cross Media File Storage with Strata"
  • Srinath Setty, Microsoft, "VOLT project: Trustworthy distributed ledgers by leveraging an untrusted service provider"
  • Rishi Sinha, Facebook, "Networking at Facebook Through the Layers"
  • Kumaran Siva, Intel, "FPGA-Ready Cloud Workloads"
  • Dan Stanzione, Texas Advanced Computing Center, "HPC vs. The Cloud -- In the End There Can Be Only One?"
  • Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell, "SuperCloud: Opportunities and Challenges"
  • Emmett Witchel, UT, "Securing Untrusted Computation on Secret Data"

Workshop Organizers include Professor Derek Chiou, Professor Simon Peter, and Dr. Jim Ballingall, IAP Executive Director.

DNA-based Archival Storage
                   Dr. Rick Kessler, CTO, Cavium                               Professor Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell, CS

DNA-based Archival Storage
    Professor Lizy Kurian John, UT, ECE                                   Dr. Dan Stanzione, Director, TACC

DNA-based Archival Storage
                          Dr. Rishi Sinha, Facebook                                                Dr. Srinath Setty, Microsoft

DNA-based Archival Storage
                           Kumaran Siva, Intel                                                  Professor Simon Peter, UT, CS

DNA-based Archival Storage
Grad student Syed Mehdi receives the Best Poster Award from Basem Barakat, Samsung (left), and Gerardo Bertrero, Western Digital (right).

DNA-based Archival Storage
Several of the attendees posed for a group photo at the Reception at the end of the day.