University of Texas Cloud Workshop

- 2019

The IAP University of Texas Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing Applications and Infrastructure was conducted on Tuesday December 10, 2019 on the UT Austin campus in the Gates Dell Complex.

DNA-based Archival Storage
Dr. Vinod Kathail, Xilinx Fellow, describes new solutions for accelerating machine learning from the cloud to the edge.


There were several technical presentations during the day by professors, students and industry scientists and engineers. Companies and institutions represented on the agenda included FACEBOOK, FUTUREWEI, MARVELL, MICROSOFT, TEXAS ADVANCED COMPUTING CENTER, UT AUSTIN, WESTERN DIGITAL, and XILINX. 



The speakers and presentation titles are listed below (alphabetical order). The agenda, abstracts, and bios are posted on the agenda page. Please check back later for additional speakers and updates to the schedule.

  • Prof. Vijay Chidambaram, UT, "Designing File Systems and Concurrent Data Structures for Persistent Memory"

  • Dr. Derek Chiou, UT and Microsoft, “Accelerating Microsoft's Cloud”

  • Dr. Niall Gaffney, Texas Advanced Computing Center, "Research using HPC for Big Data and AI"

  • Prof. Kristen Grauman, UT and Facebook AI Research, “Egocentric Visual Learning”

  • Dr. Vinod Kathail, Xilinx, “Vitis AI for Inference at the Edge and in the Data Center”

  • Dr. Hui Lei, Futurewei, “Towards the Industrialization of AI”

  • Grant Mackey, Western Digital, “Computational Storage: A Brief History and Where is it Going?”

  • Prof. Simon Peter, UT, “E3: Energy-Efficient Microservices on SmartNIC-Accelerated Servers”

  • Prof. Keshav Pingali, UT, “Single-Machine Analytics on Massive Graphs Using Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory”

  • Prof. Chris Rossbach, UT, “System Software in the Wake of Moore's Law”

  • Prof. Hovav Shacham, UT, “Data Dependent Instruction Timing Channels”

  • Larry Wikelius, Marvell, “New Applications and Accelerators for ARM-based Servers”

  • Prof. Emmett Witchel, UT, “Achieving System Security in the Era of Secure Enclaves”

UT 2019 Workshop Organizers include Professor Chris Rossbach and the IAP.


2019 UT Cloud Workshop

Prof. Kristen Grauman, UT Computer Science and Facebook AI Research Prof. Keshav Pingali, UT Computer Science, Moncrief Chair of Computing

2019 UT Cloud Workshop

Larry Wikelius, Marvell, VP Ecosystem and Partner Enabling               Dr. Hui Lei, Futurewei, VP and CTO of Cloud and Big Data

2019 UT Cloud Workshop

Dr. Derek Chiou, UT Adjunct Professor ECE and
Microsoft Partner Architect
Prof. Chris Rossbach, UT Computer Science

DNA-based Archival Storage
Computer Science PhD student Hangchen Yu receives the Best Poster Award from Hui Lei, Futurewei (left), Prof. Chris Rossbach, and Grant Mackey, Western Digital (right).

DNA-based Archival Storage
Several of the attendees posed for a group photo at the Reception at the end of the day.