Berkeley Cloud Workshop

The IAP Berkeley Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted on Friday, February 27, 2015 on the Berkeley campus in Soda Hall, Berkeley, CA, with the theme "Meeting the Future Needs of the Data Center and Cloud".

Prof. Krste Asanović, UC Berkeley Aspire Lab Director, presents "FireBox: a 3rd generation Warehouse-Scale Computer for 2020” to a full house at 8:30am in Soda Hall.

Platinum Sponsors of the Berkeley Cloud Workshop

Speakers and student posters from UC Berkeley comprised members from many of the research centers, groups and labs including the Aspire Lab, AMPLab, CHESS, Ptolemy Project, SwarmLab, TerraSwarm Research Center, and Wireless Research Center.


Many Open Source initiatives and solutions were represented including Apache Spark, OpenPOWER, OpenStack, and the PURPLE FOUNDATION.

Quotes from Students:

Thanks for the workshop! It was a great experience, and a great way to present my research

 and get feedback from people from both academia and industry.” – David Dinh, UC Berkeley, Best Undergrad Poster Award

“Thanks for putting on such an interesting workshop. It was great to see such a high concentration of impactful work presented in such a friendly forum, and to be able to get feedback from industry.”  – Eric Love, UC Berkeley, Best Graduate Poster Award

“I especially enjoyed the poster session and had fruitful discussions with industry participants. Looking forward to the next event!” – Ilge Akkaya, PhD student, UC Berkeley SwarmLab

Quotes from Professors:

“I saw strong participation at the Cloud Workshop, with some high energy and enthusiasm; and I was delighted to see industry engineers bring and describe actual hardware, representing some of the newest innovations in the data center.” – Prof. David Patterson, the Pardee Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley

“I was very pleased with the broad participation by industry, and a great set of talks.  I had productive conversations with the industry attendees, and it was good catching up with the academic visitors.”  – Prof. Krste Asanović, UC Berkeley Aspire Lab Director

“This was a great gathering.  I enjoyed meeting many new faces and look forward to future Cloud Workshops.” – Prof. Edward Lee, UC Berkeley SwarmLab Director, the Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor of EECS

Quotes from Industry:

“Terrific job organizing the Berkeley Workshop that gave all parties -- students, faculty, industry -- something worthwhile to take back”. – Dr. Pankaj Mehra, SanDisk Senior Fellow

“Congratulations on a very successful Cloud Workshop.  Personally, it was very rewarding for time spent as I have unearthed several useful research relevant to the Cisco Cloud Services!” – V. Shen, Cisco Cloud Services

“The Cloud Workshop was very informative and educational.  It was exciting to visit with both students and industry representatives working on the front lines of cloud computing.” – Craig McCombs, Seagate

Winner of the Best Undergraduate Poster, David Dinh (left), describes his research work to attendees.

David Dinh receives the Best Undergraduate Poster Award from Dr. John Busch, SanDisk
for his work "Dynamic Allocation and BFS/DFS Heuristics for Space-Bounded Scheduling”.

Edward Lee, the Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor of EECS at UC Berkeley presents “Connecting the Cloud to Things”, research work by the TerraSwarm Research Center,
a multi-university effort he leads, and the Berkeley Ubiquitous SwarmLab.

SanDisk Senior Fellow Dr. Pankaj Mehra describes his vision of the increasingly pervasive
future of non-volatile memory solutions in the data center.

The Best Graduate Poster “RISC-V: The Case for Open Instruction Sets” was awarded to the RISC-V team that includes Andrew Waterman, Yunsup Lee, Chris Celio, Rimas Avizienis, Albert Ou, Sagar Karandikar, Martin Maas, Scott Beamer, Henry Cook, Colin Schmidt, Eric Love, Prof. Krste Asanović, and Prof. Dave Patterson ( Pictured left to right are Palmer Dabbelt, Scott Beamer, Andrew Waterman, Eric Love and Martin Maas.

The Workshop presentations included the following:

  • Prof. Krste Asanović – Berkeley – "FireBox: a 3rd generation Warehouse-Scale Computer for 2020”
  • Dr. Liqun Cheng – Google  – “Perfkit Benchmarker: A User Perspective on a New Open Source Framework to Measure and Compare Cloud Offerings and Workloads"
  • Prof. Christos Kozyrakis – Stanford – “No Tradeoff: Reconciling Low Latency and High Efficiency”
  • Dr. Andrew Putnam – Microsoft – “Reconfigurable Computing in a Microsoft Data Center”
  • Robert Broberg – Cisco –  “Trust and Integrity Assurance from IoT to the Cloud Tenant”
  • Justine Sherry and Prof. Sylvia Ratnasamy – Berkeley – “MiddleBoxes: Network Processing as a
    Cloud Service “
  • Tsahi Daniel – Cavium –  “Protocol Independent Switch for Data Center Networks”
  • Dr. Pankaj Mehra – SanDisk  – “Understanding the Technology Value Proposition of Current and Emerging Memory Technologies”
  • Frank Nothaft and Prof. Dave Patterson – Berkeley – “Genomics as a Big Data Application”
  • Majid Bemanian – Imagination Technologies – “Secure Container-based Cloud Deployment"
  • Mike Strickland – Altera – “Cloud Acceleration with FPGA’s"
  • Ann Funai – IBM – “Cloud Automation with OpenStack Heat”
  • Prof. Edward Lee – Berkeley – “Connecting the Cloud to Things”

Prof. Edward Lee (center background) talks with attendees during the Poster & Networking session.

A panoramic view of the Poster & Networking session. 16 Lightning talks and 15 posters were
presented by undergrad and grads from UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon-Si Valley, and Stanford.

The Career Fair ran in the Main Hallway of Soda Hall, in parallel to the Tech Sessions in the Wozniak Lounge, and served EECS students on their way to classes in addition to the students attending the Cloud Workshop. Pictured (left) is Eda Isik, Cisco, assisting a student. Center background is Trevor Allain, SanDisk, talking with a student.