CMU Cloud Workshop - 2016

The IAP Carnegie Mellon Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted on Friday, April 8, 2016 at the Gates Center for Computer Science, Room 6115 Gates Center, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Participating professors and students were predominantly from the CMU School of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, comprising members from many of the research centers, groups and labs including CyLab, Data Storage Systems Center, IoT Expedition, and Parallel Data Lab.

There were 13 technical presentations during the day by professors and industry engineers.  Companies presenting technical work included CAVIUM, CISCO, GOOGLE, HP ENTERPRISE, SAMSUNG, and SANDISK.  Several research posters were presented by CMU students.

Prof. Jimmy Zhou, ABB Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director of the CMU Data Storage Systems Center, addresses the audience during the morning technical session.

Quotes from CMU Students


“Loved the workshop! I was impressed with the breadth of technical topics and appreciate the rare insight into today’s bleeding edge, both in academia and industry. Some of the company presentations were a pleasant surprise - their internal projects go far beyond the consumer products I typically associate with the brand. Thanks for putting it together!” – Tiemoko  Ballo, MS student, CMU


“An exciting workshop with a good range of speakers. The workshop was very relevant, and I had fruitful discussions with many of the other attendees! It was really great to present my recently published work that was built on top of OpenStack, which I was first introduced to at an IAP OpenStack Training Workshop at CMU last year!" – Soo-jin Moon, PhD student, CMU Electrical and Computer Engineering


“The best seminar I attended in recent times... it covered topics in cloud computing, big data, wireless networks, software defined networking and storage, and it was great to know the latest trends of research in these fields. I would definitely like to have more such seminars at Carnegie Mellon in the future.” – Udit Gupta, MS student, CMU


The workshop provides an excellent opportunity to get to know recent advances in both industry and academia. I also liked the poster session; it is a great chance to get insightful feedback from industry. Thanks for organizing such an excellent event." – Tianlong Lu, PhD student, CMU Electrical and Computer Engineering


"I had a great experience at the IAP CMU Cloud workshop and got to learn a lot. I particularly enjoyed the talks on the history and future trends of persistent storage and new NVM technologies. This was also a great opportunity to present my research and get feedback on the same from the industry experts. I look forward to participating in the next IAP workshop." – Rajat Kateja, PhD student, CMU Electrical and Computer Engineering


"This was an amazing workshop that featured many people who were very knowledgeable in their area. I was able to have an overview of how cloud computing could be involved in various industries and ways." – Samantha Lee, Undergrad, CMU School of Computer Science


Quotes from Professors


"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and the opportunity to meet with many new faces in industry. Looking forward to future events!" – Prof. Jimmy Zhu, ABB Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Director of the CMU Data Storage Systems Center


"It was a delight to participate along with my academic and industry colleagues. Also greatly appreciated the conversations with industry engineers at the Workshop Dinner on the evening before the event." – Prof. Vyas Sekar, CMU Electrical and Computer Engineering, CyLab


My team is grateful for the opportunity to present and update the Workshop attendees on our IoT Expedition project ( I also had some valuable off-line dialog with industry visitors regarding their IoT interests." - Prof. Yuvraj Agarwal, CMU School of Computer Science


Quotes from Industry


“This workshop is a great place to learn cutting edge technologies, and to develop new industry/academia connections. I had a great time attending this one-day event, especially the poster session - it's really nice talking with young researchers and students from the university. Thanks for organizing this!” – Dr. Hui Huang, Google Cloud Platform Team


“Thanks for organizing a great Workshop! The focus of the technical presentations on IoT and security were quite relevant to our interests at Cisco. I was pleased to see the strong participation by professors and students, and their presentations were extremely impressive. Also, the time outside of the tech sessions, i.e., the scheduled time for networking with colleagues and discussing poster results with students was very productive.”  - Robert Broberg, Distinguished Engineer, Cisco


I really enjoyed the workshop! It was a great opportunity to see some of the work CMU is doing, and to meet faculty and students. – Dr. Sam Fineberg, Distinguished Technologist, Storage CTO Office, HP Enterprise


Scenes from the Poster Session


The Poster Session was held from 10:30AM-1PM, including the Lightning Round for students to present a brief  verbal overview of their work to the entie audience in 6115 Gates, before breaking to the posters in the 6th Floor Commons Area shown above.


        PhD student Yang Li (left) draws a crowd as he describes his research work with Prof. Onur Mutlu.


Rajat Kateja won the Best Graduate Poster Award for "Reducing Tail Latencies for Reads in Flash SSDs." Rajat is a PhD student in the Parallel Data Lab, advised by Prof. Greg Ganger. He is congratulated by Dr. Michael Gaidis, Samsung (left) and Zubin Shah, Cavium (right).  Rajat received a $300 cash award and framed certificate signed by his advisor and the IAP.


There were thirteen technical presentations by CMU professors and industry engineers. For further info, please see the agenda with abstracts and speaker bios

  • Dr. Saugata Ghose – Carnegie Mellon – "SizeCap: Efficiently Handling Power Surges in Fuel Cell Powered Data Centers"
  • Robert Broberg – Cisco – "Trust and Integrity Assurance from IoT to the Cloud Tenant"
  • Prof. Jimmy Zhu – Carnegie Mellon – "All Spin Logic Devices and Circuits for Future Electronics"
  • Dr. Pankaj Mehra – SanDisk – "Contemplating a New Memory Hierarchy: Persistent Memory Technologies for the Next Generation Data Center"
  • Prof. Yuvraj Agarwal – Carnegie Mellon – "Towards Building a Safe, Secure and Easy-to-Use Internet-of-Things Infrastructure"
  • Dr. Michael Gaidis – Samsung – "Novel Nonvolatile Memories in the Memory/Storage Hierarchy for Cloud and IoT Applications"
  • Prof. Vyas Sekar – Carnegie Mellon – "Software-defined Network Security for Next-generation Networks"
  • Dr. Sam Fineberg – Hewlett Packard Enterprise – "Software Defined Storage – from Industry Standard Appliances to Hyper-converged Systems"
  • Prof. Prof. Swarun Kumar – Carnegie Mellon – "Wireless Protocols and Security for Smart Cities"
  • Dr. Hui Huang – Google – "Perfkit Benchmarker 1.0: Cloud Infrastructure Performance Benchmarking"
  • Prof. Priya Narasimhan – Carnegie Mellon – "The Next-Generation Stadium Experience: Cloudy with a Chance of Football"
  • Zubin Shah – Cavium – "Xpliant - Programmable Data Plane Switch Architecture for Software Defined Data Centers"
  • Dr. Khalid Elgazzar – Carnegie Mellon – "Leveraging Edge Computing to Support Internet of Things Scenarios"