Carnegie Mellon Cloud Workshop

The Industry-Academia Partnership (IAP) held an IAP Cloud Workshop at Carnegie Mellon University in the in Gates Hall on the Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday April 4th, with the theme "Meeting the Future Needs of the Data Center and Cloud".

Comments from Academic Participants

Professor Onur Mutlu, the Strecker Professor at Carnegie Mellon, commented: "This was our first IAP Cloud Workshop at Carnegie Mellon, and so I was extremely pleased with the strong support and turnout by the other CMU professors in both Computer Science and in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  We actually had a packed room at 8:30am, and you don’t often see that at a campus event like this. That indicates the broad interest in cloud and data-intensive computing, and the recognition for the need for collaborations between industry and academia to meet the future requirements.”

Professor Greg Ganger, the Jatras Professor at Carnegie Mellon, commented,  “It was a productive workshop, and I enjoyed hearing from and interacting with industry engineers from companies with which we do not currently have deeper relationships via the Parallel Data Laboratory Consortium.  Interactions between industry and academia, like these, are critical to creating solutions to meet the demanding power and performance problems facing future data centers and cloud computing.  I look forward to future IAP Workshops."

Professor Andy Pavlo stated, “Frankly, this IAP Workshop was fantastic, starting with the dinner the night before the Workshop, to the Reception after the technical sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and got a lot out of it.  I was really impressed by the industry and CMU turnout.  I was able to reconnect with some industry people I had not seen in a while, as well as make some new friends and contacts for collaborative research.”

Professor Mutlu is an IAP Board Advisor, and was the Carnegie Mellon campus co-host and Workshop co-organizer with Professor Ganger. Professor Ganger is Director of the Parallel Data Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon and Principal Investigator for the Intel Science and Technology Center for Cloud Computing. Professor Pavlo is a member of the Database Group and the Parallel Data Laboratory at CMU.

Professor Onur Mutlu addresses a standing-room-only crowd in the morning session for his keynote "Rethinking Memory System Design for Data-Intensive Computing"

Professor Greg Ganger (right) and Dr. John Busch SanDisk Vice President and Fellow (left) congratulate Jinglei Ren, Winner of Best Graduate Student Poster, for his research work “Transparent Hybrid Non-Volatile Memory”, a new method to merge cloud server memory with storage using a hybrid of DRAM and NVM, with an automated efficient consistency guarantee. Ren received a $500 cash award for his achievement.

Carnegie Mellon students gather at the Ubuntu booth during the Career Fair that ran during the breaks and in parallel with the poster viewing session.

Speakers from industry and academia described their research and development efforts underway to meet the future needs of the data center and cloud, spanning the full scope of cloud technologies, including the following:

  • Keynote: Prof. Onur Mutlu – Carnegie Mellon – "Rethinking Memory System Design for Data-Intensive Computing"
  • Prof. Rajeev Balasubramonian – Utah – “Practical Approaches to Memory Security in the Cloud”
  • Bryan Chin  – Cavium  –  “Head in the Clouds - Building a Chip for Scale-out Computing”
  • Dr. Joon Kim - SK Hynix – “The Future of NVM Memories”
  • Prof. Andy Pavlo - Carnegie Mellon – “OLTP on NVM: YMMV"  
  • Dr. John Busch – SanDisk – “The Impact of Flash Memory on the Future of Cloud Computing”
  • Keynote: Prof. Greg Ganger – Carnegie Mellon – “Scheduling Heterogeneous Resources in Cloud Datacenters”
  • Charles Butler – Canonical (Ubuntu)  – “The Future of Datacenter Orchestration: Realizing Service Oriented Architecture”
  • Prof. Mor Harchol-Balter -  Carnegie Mellon – “Dynamic Power Management in Data Centers”
  • Prof. Eric Xing – Carnegie Mellon – “Petuum: A New Platform for Cloud-based Machine Learning to Efficiently Solve Big Data Problems”
  • Majid Bemanian – Imagination Technologies – “Security in the Cloud and Virtualized Mobile Devices”
  • Robert Broberg – Cisco –  “Cloud Security Challenges and Solutions”

Professor Greg Ganger and Dr. John Busch congratulate Xiaofan Li and Sean Klein of Carnegie Mellon, co-Winners of Best Undergraduate Student Poster, for their project “Distributed Key-value Database Servers using Raspberry Pi’s.”  Li and Klein received a $500 cash award for their achievement, which they have decided to utilize to procure materials for their project.

Comments from IAP Industry Members

Robert Broberg, Distinguished Engineer at Cisco, commented, “At Cisco, we view our collaborations with academia to be instrumental in developing new innovative solutions and driving new standards for cloud computing.  These Workshops offer a more intimate forum than the big conferences to network with leading academic and industry stakeholders regarding the future needs of the data center. I was very pleased to see the strong participation by professors and students at the Workshop, and their presentations were extremely impressive.”

Dr. John Busch, Vice President and SanDisk Fellow, stated, “The IAP provides a unique opportunity for a flash storage solutions provider, such as SanDisk, to interact with leaders in academia and industry across the entire solution stack – from components to software and data center infrastructure. The interactions with students and professors were extremely informative, and the caliber of the attendees and speakers at this IAP Workshop was equally impressive. The poster session was another highlight for me, and by the way, our recruiters were very pleased with the turnout at the IAP Career Fair that ran during the breaks and in parallel with the poster viewing session.”

Bryan Chin, Distinguished Engineer at Cavium, stated, “I am very pleased to participate in activities like these in an area where industry-academia collaborations are essential to push innovation forward. The IAP Workshops are truly outstanding venues to interact with fellow researchers and talented students who are developing the next generation of cloud technologies. I greatly look forward to future IAP workshops.”

Farhad Tabrizi, Senior Vice President, Samsung commented, “This was my third IAP Workshop, and that makes
three in a row for me now. I value these Workshops because they provide an ideal setting for give-and-take discussions that address key industry trends, and I always seem to come away with new relationships and ideas that support our work in cloud computing solutions here at Samsung. It’s always great to interact with so many professors and talented students at CMU.”

Dr. Jim Ballingall, Executive Director of the IAP summed up, “According to university program rankings such as U.S. News and World Report, Carnegie Mellon is tied for the ranking of the number 1 computer science program in the world. So, we were thrilled with the high turnout by the CMU staff and students, as well as the high level of industry participation, and the breadth and depth of expertise represented.”