Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2015

The IAP Cornell Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted on Friday, October 2, 2015 on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY in the Duffield Atrium and the Statler Amphitheater.

Platinum Sponsors of the Cornell Cloud Workshop

Participating professors and students were predominantly from Cornell Computing and Information Sciences and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Companies attending included ALTERA, CAVIUM, CISCO, GOOGLE, HUAWEI, IBM, SAMSUNG, SANDISK, SEAGATE, and SK HYNIX. There were 16 technical presentations during the day by professors and industry engineers in the Statler Amphitheater.  Several posters were presented by Cornell students in the Duffield Atrium, where lunch and the Career Fair were also conducted. Best Poster Awards were presented at the 5pm Reception in the Duffield Atrium

Computer Science Professor Ken Birman and grad student John Hohm chat during the Poster
Session in Duffield Atrium.

Quotes from Students
“It was a fantastic experience to connect with industry leaders, and also learn more about current technological trends in cloud computing. We would love to participate in the next workshop. We greatly appreciate making this event possible!"  – Hyun Ryong Lee and Shiwani Bisht, Cornell Electrical and Computer Engineering, Co-Winners of Best Undergrad Poster Award – "Improving I/O Scheduling in Flash-based SSD’s Through Foresight"

“Thank you very much for the workshop! The talks were very interesting and very relevant. I got a great view of the problems in cloud computing that industry is facing.” – Sagar Jha, Cornell Computer Science, Best Graduate Poster Award  – “RDMC: A Reliable RDMA Multicast Protocol”

“Everyone loved the cloud workshop and really enjoyed helping out!” – Udit Gupta, Cornell undergraduate and IEEE President. The Cornell IEEE student members attended the talks, and generously volunteered – assisting IAP staff and Workshop attendees in set up, registration, and hospitality throughout the day.

Quotes from Professors
“Thanks very much to the IAP staff and Cornell IEEE student volunteers for the hard work to make the 2015 Workshop happen!  This was genuinely valuable for myself and my students.  Our understanding of storage trends is deeper now, and we made a number of new and valuable connections with industry.”  – Professor Ken Birman, the N. Rama Rao Professor of Computer Science

"It was gratifying to see registration up 50% from our first IAP Cloud workshop two years ago. Industry representation was twice as high as the first workshop; their technical talks were diverse and appealing, and the recruitment booths were a big success. On the Cornell side, we had strong participation from both the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Department of Computer Science, and many high-quality student posters." – Prof. José Martínez, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and IAP Advisory Board Member

“Thank you again for organizing the event -- it's great to bring top people from tech companies to Ithaca. I really enjoyed it!” – Professor Nate Foster, Cornell CIS, Department of Computer Science

Quotes from Industry
“Thank you for a great IAP workshop! I enjoyed and learned from the variety of talks by professors and other industry presenters. The dinner on Thursday night with the professors and industry sponsors was also a highlight. Looking forward to future opportunities to meet up again!” – Dr. Siamack Haghighi, Principal Architect, Samsung

“It was a real pleasure to attend the Cornell Workshop, and interact with so many talented students and professors!  Also, we had a very impressive turnout for the career fair; with a record number of students spending time with us at our table.”– Ed McLellan, Cavium Distinguished Engineer

“Congratulations on a very successful Cloud Workshop. Personally, it was very rewarding for me. I was delighted to find some common interests with both the students and professors regarding my work in cloud monitoring solutions!" – Tong Li, IBM Cloud and OpenStack

Photos from the Workshop Technical Presentations in the Statler Amphitheater

There were six talks by Cornell professors and ten talks by industry engineers. For further info, please see the agenda with abstracts and speaker bios.

IAP Advisor, Prof. José Martínez (left), Cornell University, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering opened up the Workshop with "Scalable Dynamic Multi-Resource Allocation in Multicore Architectures: A Market Approach” – a novel method that borrows concepts from economics to efficiently allocate shared on-chip resources across applications via auctions.  The basic market concepts should apply well beyond the SoC subsystem; e.g., to cloud resource and application scheduling.


Tong Li (left), IBM, Senior Software Engineer and OpenStack Contributor
describes “Kiloeyes” the new OpenStack  monitoring solution that he pioneered with HP and Rackspace. Tong is currently building out new micro services with grad students from Carnegie Mellon to reliably analyze real time message streams of several hundred thousand per second.  The IAP is conducting OpenStack training at Cornell in January 2016 for students interested to contribute to OpenStack.


Prof. Emin Gün Sirer (left), Cornell University, Department of Computer Science, delivered a thought provoking talk with the provocative title, “Everything You've Been Told About Data Stores Is Wrong". Prof. Sirer methodically challenges the conventional thinking in the application of the CAP theorem, contending that CAP is often interpreted incorrectly to justify the deployment of inconsistent data stores. As a community of computer scientists and engineers, he believes we can build much better solutions.


Craig McLuckie (left), Google, Kubernetes Product Manager, presents “Google Infrastructure Goes Open Source: Container-Oriented Cloud Computing via Kubernetes and OpenStack". Craig outlined three major trends and their implications: (1) the emergence of hybrid cloud as a standard business requirement for many businesses, (2) the move from virtualized infrastructure to virtualized operating system with Linux application containers, and (3) the dawning awareness of 'cloud native' computing patterns.

Dr. Pankaj Mehra (left), SanDisk VP and Senior Fellow, presents “Memory Technologies for an Increasingly Mobile, Social, and Instrumented User Base”. Pankaj described the battle amongst the technology giants to capture the "large context" of billions of users and to bring it to bear in moments of truth, situationally. Large SLA gaps exist between how fast the data can be processed today versus how fast it needs to be processed. This has implications on the architecture of cloud, mobile and systems in general, and indirectly on the evolution of the memory hierarchy, in particular.

Photos from the Workshop Career Fair in the Duffield Atrium

Robert Broberg, Cisco Distinguished Engineer (far right) talks with Cornell students lining up
at the Cisco informational table. Broberg presented earlier in the day about
Cisco's advanced
security research efforts to future proof the internet against attacks.

Ed McLellan, Cavium Distinguished Engineer and Cornell graduate student Jason Setter (left),
who interned at Cavium, talk with students dropping off their resumes at the Cavium table.

Lei Wang, (far right) Huawei, talks with Cornell students about career opportunities at the
Huawei table during the career fair.

Cornell students with their resumes queue up at the Samsung table in the Duffield Atrium.

Seated clockwise: Craig McLuckie (left) of Google talks with Gary Xia (Huawei),
Lei Wang (Huawei), Prof. Nate Foster (Cornell) and Nick Finamore (Altera) at lunch.

Photos from the Award Reception in the Duffield Atrium

Best Poster Winners received $300 and framed certificates signed by IAP Adviser Prof. José Martínez

Shiwani Bisht and Hyun Ryong Lee won the Best Undergraduate Poster for "IMPROVING I/O
from Robert Broberg, Cisco Distinguished Engineer and Ed McLellan,
Cavium Distinguished Engineer.

Sagar Jha won the Best Graduate Poster for "RDMC: A Reliable RDMA Multicast Protocol". Computer Science PhD student Edward Tremel (center) received the award on behalf of Sagar and the other co-authors.