Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2019

The IAP Cornell Workshop on the Future of Cloud Computing was conducted on Friday, May 3, 2019 in Upson Hall on the Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY.

Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2019
Computer Science PhD student Vishal Shrivastav received the Best Poster Award for “Shoal: A Network Architecture for Disaggregated Racks.He is flanked on his right by his advisor Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon. Vishal is also congratulated by Dr. Richard New, VP Research, Western Digital and H. K. Verma, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx. Please see for more info about SHOAL and Vishal’s other pursuits.



Sponsors of the Cornell Cloud Workshop


        Cavium Semiconductor Solutions and Server Innovation  
        Cavium Semiconductor Solutions and Server Innovation  

Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2019
Dr. Carole-Jean Wu, Facebook Research, presents “Machine Learning at Scale.” Dr. Wu is also on the faculty at Arizona State University.

Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2019
At far left in photo, Shannon Joyner, a PhD student advised by Prof. Christina Delimitrou, describes her research “Ripple: A Practical Declarative Programming Framework for Serverless Compute” to Carole-Jean Wu and others. There were over two dozen posters at the 2019 Cornell Workshop.


Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2019
Edward Tremel, a PhD student advised by Prof. Ken Birman describes his research project “Derecho: Fast State Machine Replication for Cloud Services.” Please see for more info about Derecho and Edward’s other pursuits.


Cornell Cloud Workshop - 2019
Prof. Christina Delimitrou presents “Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Performance Predictability in Cloud Microservices.”

Speakers and presentation titles are listed below (alphabetical order). Please check here for the detailed agenda with abstracts and bios.

  • Prof. Ken Birman, Cornell, Computer Science, “Using Derecho to Build Smart and Responsive Cloud Services for IoT Applications”
  • Prof. Christina Delimitrou, Cornell, ECE, “Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Performance Predictability in Cloud Microservices”
  • Prof. Chris De Sa, Cornell, Computer Science, “Distributed Learning with Compressed Communication”
  • Dr. Yang Seok Ki, Samsung, Sr. Director and Architect of Memory Solutions Lab, “Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Storage”
  • Dr. Jian Li, Huawei, Sr. Director of Research and Planning, “Case Studies of ICT Platform and Its Applications”
  • Prof. José Martínez, Cornell, ECE, “PARTIES: QoS-Aware Resource Partitioning for Multiple Interactive Services”
  • Dr. Ed McLellan, Marvell, Distinguished Engineer, “Computing on the Mobile Edge”
  • Dr. Richard New, Western Digital, VP Engineering, “The Changing Landscape of Data – New Storage Device Technologies, Interface Models, and Storage Architectures”
  • Prof. Kevin Tang, Cornell, ECE, “Towards Autonomous Fine-Grained Network Management”
  • Prof. Robbert van Renesse, Cornell, Computer Science, “X-Containers: Breaking Down Barriers to Improve Performance and Isolation of Cloud-Native Containers”
  • H. K. Verma, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx, “Database Acceleration using FPGAs” 
  • Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell, Computer Science, “The Edge Supercloud: Blockchains for the Edge”
  • Dr. Carole-Jean Wu, Facebook, Research Scientist, “Machine Learning at Scale”

Quotes from the Cornell Workshop


“I have participated in three IAP Workshops since the very first one at Cornell and it is great to see that the IAP premise was a success now as it was then, bringing together industry and academia in a focused workshop and an all-day exchange of ideas.  It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to the next IAP Workshop.” – Prof. Hakim Weatherspoon, Cornell Computer Science


“The IAP Cloud Computing workshop provides a great channel for valuable interactions between faculty/students and the industry participants. I truly enjoyed the venue learning about research problems and solutions that are of great interest to Facebook, as well as the new enabling technologies from the industry representatives. The smaller venue and the poster session fostered an interactive environment for in-depth discussions on the proposed research and approaches and sparked new collaborative opportunities. Thank you for organizing this wonderful event! It was very well run.” – Dr. Carole Jean-Wu, Facebook Research


“Attending the IAP workshop was a great experience and very rewarding. I really enjoyed the many amazing talks from both the industry and academia. My personal conversations with several industry leaders at the workshop will definitely guide some of my future research." – Vishal Shrivastav, PhD Student, Best Poster Award Winner


“Once again, the workshop proved to be an outstanding opportunity to view consistently interesting presentations and interact with top professors and researchers.  The poster session adds a dimension to discuss some innovative ideas and quality work with up and coming students”.  – Ed McClellan, Distinguished Engineer, Marvell


“Thank you for organizing. It was great to see academia and industry discussing next gen problems. I was impressed with the workshop and enjoyed the conversations!” – HK Verma, Distinguished Engineer, Xilinx


"This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about what's going on in the cloud computing industry, and to talk about my research work with an interested and knowledgeable audience." – Edward Tremel, PhD Student


“IAP workshops provide a great opportunity to meet with professors and students working at the cutting edge of their fields.  It was a pleasure to attend the event in Cornell – lots of very interesting presentations and posters.” – Dr. Richard New, VP Research, Western Digital


“The IAP Cloud Computing workshop always proves to be an exciting event. I especially appreciate the 50/50 split between presentations by Cornell and industry researchers: The agenda covers a broad swath of hot topics and perspectives in a single day, with an engaging and thought-provoking crossfire of questions. Active student participation throughout is another key contributor to the workshop’s success. I’m already looking forward to the next one.” – Prof. José Martínez, Cornell Computer Systems Laboratory, IAP Advisor

Flash Memory Summit 2017
Several of the attendees gathered for a group photo during the Reception at the end of the day