Flash Memory Summit 2015

The IAP participated in the 2015 Flash Memory Summit August 11-13 in the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Yixin Luo (far right), PhD student at Carnegie Mellon (Prof. Onur Mutlu’s group) describes his
research work on Data Retention in MLC NAND to several Summit attendees at the IAP Booth.

The 2015 program covered every aspect of flash and emerging non-volatile memories - client applications, storage architectures, virtualization, enterprise storage applications, embedded systems, memory controllers, and PCIe storage.

There were four Keynotes by IAP Members:
Kevin Conley, CTO, SanDisk, “Flash: The Great Disrupter”

Phil Brace, EVP, Seagate, “High Performance and Large Capacity Storage”

Kyo-Won Jin, SVP, SK Hynix, “Advances in Non-Volatile Memory”

Bob Brennan, SVP, Samsung, “Memory Technology Advances Shape a New Era in Flash Innovation”

For the full Summit proceedings, please see http://tinyurl.com/IAP-FMS-2015

Dr. Saugata Ghose, Carnegie Mellon, (at far left) assists an undergrad attendee with a question
on memory controller design at the IAP Booth.