OpenStack Certificate Program – Professional Education

OpenStack is the leading open source cloud computing platform for public and private cloud infrastructure. It is widely deployed and supported by industry leaders such as Cisco, HP, IBM, Red Hat and Ubuntu. Skilled and knowledgeable OpenStack users, operators, sys admins, architects and developers are in high demand as the need for cloud services continues to grow at a high rate.

The OpenStack Certificate Program is an ongoing collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the Industry-Academia Partnership, offering technical forums and workshops on cloud technologies for the Carnegie Mellon community in Pittsburgh, in collaboration with the Information Networking Institute (INI), and at the Silicon Valley campus (CMU-SV).

Intended Audience
The Certificate Program is an accelerated introductory course designed for successful professionals with computer science and computer engineering degrees (or equivalent), and demonstrated career expertise in software and information technology systems.

Workshop Curriculum
The workshops are offered in two options of instructor-led classroom learning over a span of (a) 3 consecutive days or (b) four consecutive evenings, a compelling option for engineers and their employers, who want to expand their skill sets, but also need to sustain the brisk pace of their projects at work.

The 4-evening workshop (12-hours total) immerses participants in an OpenStack environment with lectures, discussions, demos and hands-on labs. We introduce the workshop participants to the OpenStack services and walk them through the components and architecture of each core service: Nova, Swift, Glance, Keystone, Horizon, Cinder and Neutron (Open vSwitch and ML2). From the command line, the participants deploy a fully functional OpenStack cloud, systematically building up the cloud services such that participants can see and understand, as they deploy hands-on, how the services work together. Workshop participants gain the experience and knowledge to install and operate OpenStack clouds, as well as a basic understanding of the underlying technology to begin developing on OpenStack.

Carnegie Mellon will award a certificate to participants who complete all four of the workshop sessions and pass the final exam on the fourth evening, which is a combination of hands-on exercises and multiple-choice questions.

The OpenStack workshops are widely acclaimed by both professional engineers and graduate students in computer science and computer engineering. Below are some comments collected from the participant survey at a recent OpenStack Workshop conducted at CMU-SV – where participants agreed overwhelmingly they developed skills that made them more competitive for employment.

-  “It's great that we can touch all of the significant features of OpenStack in four evenings. The workshop is an absolutely great starting point for me to get involved in the OpenStack community.”

-  “Very interesting to hear about the different deployment scenarios and how to navigate them appropriately.”

- “The instructor explained all of the steps very clearly. Very informative sessions.”

Workshop Prerequisites and Laptop Requirements for the Workshop
The Workshop is intended for successful professionals with computer science and computer engineering degrees (or equivalent), and demonstrated career expertise in software and information technology systems.

Participants will need to bring a WiFi-enabled laptop with the following capabilities:

- A VM on laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 installed and 4GB of available RAM for the VM (nominally 8GB or more of RAM installed on the laptop)

-  An ssh client from laptop to the VM

- 'apt-get install' working from within VM to the internet

For Registration and Additional Information
The registration fee is $2995 for either the 3-day or 4-evening format, and must be paid one week in advance of the workshop.

For additional information, please contact